Andrei Zolotnitski
Hello everyone!

My name is Andrey Zolotnitsky, I'm the founder of CTPark.

The goal of our team is to create an amazing solution that will appeal to millions of residents of large cities around the world and that will make their life more comfortable.

Inconvenient city transport routes, traffic jams, gassed streets and parkings full of cars - all this should become a history. With the help of CTpark.

We are proud to talk about our ideas and invite for cooperation everyone who is interested in modern technologies, the latest mobility concepts and who wants to take part in their implementation.

Welcome to CTpark!
Development of CTpark
CTpark in Moskow city department of transport
presentation of CTpark to the Moscow city department
Presentation of CTpark service and CTpark smart lock in Moscow City with using existing parking infrastructure
July 2019
CTpark in Slovenia
negotiation with officials of 3 resort cities
CTpark had negotiations about switching a pilot project in Slovenia with officials from Arkana, Izola and Koper city
July 2019
PIEF 2019
Russia Extends
Ctpark with smart lock and parking service on PIEF show in St. Peterburg
June 2019
Ending tests of HARDWARE
CTpark smart lock
CTpark and engineering сompany Karfidov Lab have finished hardware tests of CTpark smart lock
May 2019
New design
Karfidov Lab
have finished development of smart lock
CTpark in assotiation with engineering company Karfidov Lab have finished design of smart lock
April 2019
Offer for investors
You can evaluate the potential of the market that CTpark opens by downloading the presentation via the link.

We expect to see in partners:

Investors – those, who believe in CTpark idea and are ready to invest in the development.

Franchisees - those, who want to develop CTpark locally.

Partners - if you already have CTpark in your city and you are interested in attracting quality customers - we will be happy to offer you a place in the CTpark marketplace.

If you're interested, we'll be happy to discuss possible options of cooperation.

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