Clever. Convenient. City.
Online service for bike and scooter parking

No matter what type of bike or scooter you ride
No need for heavy locks
No concerns
Step 1
Get the app for your smartphone (Android or IOS)
Step 2
Register. The whole process will take less than 3 minutes
Step 3
Find your parking slot on the map and book it. If you are staying next to it - just push "unlock"
Step 4
Close the bar. The lock activates automatically
CTpark – is innovative solution for navigation and locking of bikes and scooters as a part of smart city concept.
What makes CTpark so unique?
Cashless payments
Server navigation
Online reservation
Alarm on your phone or smartwatch
Project timeline
August 2019
Start of pilot project in Zelenograd
May 2019
Integration tests fulfilled
April 2019
Prototype is ready
March 2019
Control software is ready
February 2019
Agreement with prefecture of Zelenograd signed
December 2018
Design studies finished
October 2018
Proof of concept finished
August 2018
Concept development
July 2018
Birth of idea
Development of CTpark
CTpark in Moskow city department of transport
presentation of CTpark to the Moscow city department
Presentation of CTpark service and CTpark smart lock in Moscow City with using existing parking infrastructure
July 2019
CTpark in Slovenia
negotiation with officials of 3 resort cities
CTpark had negotiations about switching a pilot project in Slovenia with officials from Arkana, Izola and Koper city
July 2019
PMEF 2019
Russia Extends
Ctpark with smart lock and parking service on PMEF (Petersburg international economic forum) show in St. Petersburg
June 2019
Ending tests of HARDWARE
CTpark smart lock
CTpark and engineering сompany Karfidov Lab have finished hardware tests of CTpark smart lock
May 2019
New design
Karfidov Lab
have finished development of smart lock
CTpark in association with engineering company Karfidov Lab have finished design of smart lock
April 2019
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